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Is a comprehensive accounting and inventory solution that empowers businesses to maintain, analyze and interpret financial health of the organization. Available at an exceptionally reasonable cost, this solution fits any startup requirement that envisions growth through transparency and efficiency.

  • Get complete overview of financial aspects
  • Minimize scope of human error
  • Fast and user friendly interface
  • Reduce dependence on human resource
  • Very high return on investment

Key Features:
  • Comprehensive accounting and inventory features
  • Complete independence to customize screens and reports
  • No need to rely on external IT expertise for modifications
  • Supports multiple currency and multi-lingual interface options
  • Quick deployment for quicker results
  • Support all document printing formats with stationary based customization ability.

erpView Focus 6 ERP Solution Modules
  • Financial Management
  • Procurement and Planning
  • Inventory Warehousing
  • Manufacturing
  • Payroll and Human Resource Management
  • Fixed Assets Management

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