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  With an objective to make the use of GPS/GIS based applications more widespread and productively relevant in the day to day operations, we have developed a series of products targeted for tracking your company‚Äôs workforce especially in the area of sales, marketing and services, where people are expected to move around a large geographical areas. The application can track the people over geographical areas and can generate various reports of each individual which gives the detailed information about their locations of visits, duration of visits, Journey Reports, time of visits etc. The product can also be used to track the children, old age people, and pets if required. This immensely useful application can be ported/loaded on any GPS enabled Mobile phone with an Android operating system.

The highlight of this Service/Application is that the prospective customers need not buy a separate personal tracker, but can port this application on a mobile phone used by their work force at a very minimal cost.

  • Live Unlimited Tracking.
  • Track at Your Convenience.
  • MIS Day Report that can be downloaded in Excel Format.
  • Location, Time, Battery and Signal strength and Cumulative Distance travelled for the day, all available in the day report.


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