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Vehicle Tracker

GPS Tracking device mainly consists of two parts such as GPS module and GSM module. GPS module is for getting location data from satellite, and GSM module is for transferring data to server so that people can check the information via PC or mobile phone.
Device Features
  • Small size and compact to install
  • Able to re-upload the location data in the condition that the GSM signal is weak
  • Detect the Ignition ON/OFF, Door Open/Close, Air-condition ON/OFF
  • Record mileage information
  • Emergency alarm based on Power-off, Over-speed, Idle, Parking, Moving, Acceleration, Illegal door open alarm, Geo-fence Fatigue driving alarm.
  • SOS button for emergency call
  • Listening monitoring
  • Low energy consumption
Software Features
  • Real time track of Vehicle status, Speed Status, Location address in Google Map by WEB based / WAP-based (mobile phone) application.
  • Command the Device to get Vehicle Location, Telephone Monitor, Enable and Disable Engine.
  • SMS and email configuration to receive alarms.
  • Alarm Settings - Set Threshold Limit for Speed/Parking/Idle/Fatigue/Geo-Fence.
  • Define Point of Interest and Geo-Fence area.
  • Draw Route and Route Plan, Search Vehicle.
  • Multi Vehicle Tracking
  • Location monitor via SMS.
  • Historical Play Back (Route traveled)
  • Alarm Records and Alarm Frequency
  • Driving Records
  • Vehicle Mileage (Consolidate and Date-Wise)
  • Parking Statistics
  • Vehicle Status
  • Running Trip - Total KMS traveled
  • Idling Statistics
  • Geo-fence Alarm Statistics
  • Mileage In Area

Personal Tracker

bTPT-1 Watch Tracker

PT200, as a personal remote positioning device made up of GPS module and GSM/GPRS module, is compact in dimensions with high accuracy. On the basis of GPS satellites and under dynamic conditions, it can provide you with accurate and correct location information. With such features, it can be used to protect and look for our old people and children. It can also be used for safety purpose and other purposes, such as remote positioning to protect property safety. More...

Mobile Tracker

MT200 Mobile Tracking Solution

With an objective to make the use of GPS/GIS based applications more widespread and productively relevant in the day to day operations, we have developed a series of products targeted for tracking your company’s workforce especially in the area of sales, marketing and services, where people are expected to move around a large geographical areas.  More...

Rearview Mirror Monitor with GPS Navigation, Bluetooth MP4 Speakers


Say goodbye to the annoyance of parallel parking and reversing… while ensuring you'll never get lost again! An all-in-one Bluetooth Rearview Mirror for hands-free cell phone calling, built-in GPS navigation, and multimedia on-the-go! It also features a 4.3 inch touch screen, high resolution reversing camera with night vision. This high-tech rear view monitor is one of the safest and smartest car gadgets available today.
This rearview mirror makes everything available directly in front of you, so that you can keep your eye on the road while tracking your destination. It is also an amazingly useful gadget when you're stuck in traffic, with its high resolution video playback, speakers for music playback and plenty of entertaining touch screen games! More...

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